Passive scalar interface in a spatially evolving mixing layer (A. Attili and D. Denker)

Quartz nozzle sampling (D. Felsmann)

Dissipation element analysis of a planar diffusion flame (D. Denker)

Turbulent/non-turbulent interface in a temporally evolving jet (D. Denker)

Dissipation elements crossing a flame front (D. Denker and B. Hentschel)

Particle laden flow (E. Varea)

Turbulent flame surface in non-premixed methane jet flame (D. Denker)

DNS of primary break up (M. Bode)

Diffusion flame in a slot Bunsen burner (S. Kruse)

Various quantities in spatially evolving jet diffusion flame (D. Denker)

Simulation of premixed combustion in a spark-ignition engine


For the simulation of combustion in a direct-injection spark-ignition engine a new model of the propagation of the premixed flamefront is used. The aim here is to first investigate the interaction of flow and turbulence with flame propagation. In a second step the accumulation of pollutants (soot, NOx) is evaluated via adequate models. Optimisation strategies regarding layout of combustion space and flow duct are to be supported by the numerical models.

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