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Norbert Peters

(10. Juli 1942 - 4. Juli 2015).

Mit seiner unglaublichen Energie, seinem Tatendrang und seiner positiven Einstellung stand Norbert noch immer in der Mitte seines Lebens. Er hatte noch so viele Pläne, dass sein Tod unfassbar erscheint. Unser Beileid gilt seiner Familie.


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Dimitrij Chudinzow

Friday, 18-09-15 09:08

Als Student habe ich Prof. Peters einige male in der Vorlesung gehört und seine sehr sympathische und menschliche Art kam bei mir und den anderen Studenten sehr gut an.
Von seinem Ableben habe ich auf dem Graduiertenfest 2015 erfahren, dort sprach er in einer Videobotschaft zu den Absolventen.
Es war deutlich zu vernehmen, dass die Anwesenden sehr bestürzt über seinen Tod waren.
Der "Fußabdruck" seiner wissenschaftlichen Arbeit ist so groß, dass Prof. Peters einen Platz in der wissenschaftlichen Geschichte einnehmen wird.
Mein aufrichtiges Beileid an seine Angehörigen.


James Willie

Friday, 21-08-15 11:26

I am deeply saddened to hear of the sudden death of Professor Peters. My heartfelt sympathy and condolences to his family, the ITV, RWTH Aachen and the entire combustion community worldwide. The void his sudden death leaves may never be filled. He would be deeply missed, but would always be with us in memory.

He inspired and mentored me during my time in Aachen and I had planned meeting him this August when i heard of this sad event.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.



Guido Kurth

Monday, 17-08-15 14:03

Mit Bestürzung habe ich vom Ableben Norbert Peters‘ erfahren. Seine offene, stets hilfsbereite Art, sein freundliches Lächeln und seine unendliche Geduld haben mich immer außerordentlich beeindruckt. Was mich aber als jungen Studenten wohl am nachhaltigsten geprägt hat, war seine Fähigkeit, Wissenschaft als etwas nicht Abgeschlossenes, sondern stets in Bewegung befindliches, Suchendes zu vermitteln. So hatte er keine Scheu, gerade in den Vorlesungen, die er zu Beginn seiner Tätigkeit in Aachen hielt, stets mit Neuem aufzuwarten, daß er sich „gestern Abend überlegt“ habe, und dieses dann in der Folgevorlesung auch wieder zu verwerfen. Dies hatte einen kaum zu überschätzenden Einfluß auf mein Verständnis von wissenschaftlicher Arbeitsweise und prägte meinen weiteren Werdegang in hohem Maße.
Sein Ableben trifft mich zutiefst. Mit Norbert Peters haben wir nicht nur einen herausragenden Lehrer und Wissenschaftler verloren, sondern auch und vor allem einen großen Menschen.


Paul Ronney

Thursday, 13-08-15 23:06

Norbert I will sorely miss you... Thanks for your brilliant work - some researchers are specialists in theory, some in computation and some in experiments but no one in our field tied all three together as effectively as you did.

I still remember our first interactions at the IWOMIC meeting in Vancouver in 1988. You were one of the first few people I interacted with in the combustion community and your interest in my work encouraged me to continue those pursuits. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions and insights you provided me, not just then but throughout the years.

My sincerest condolences to the Peters family, I wish you peace and strength in the days and months ahead.


Toufik Boushaki

Thursday, 13-08-15 16:43

My sincere condolences to Norbert Peters family, and to the combustion community. I don’t know personally Pr Peters, but I read and learned many of his brilliant research on turbulent flames. Thank you to him, and may he rest in peace.


Charlie Westbrook

Tuesday, 11-08-15 02:39

Norbert and I were the first Program Co-Chairs for a Combustion Symposium, for the 26th Symposium in Napoli, and we worked closely on this project for more than a year, building a solid friendship that continued for the next 20 years. I admired his technical elegance and his cheerful interactions with everyone. I will miss the coming years that I had assumed would continue those interactions, but I feel better myself for having known Norbert.


Behdad Ariatabar

Wednesday, 05-08-15 16:23

A great and inspiring teacher. My repect and sincere condolences to the family and students of dear Prof. Peters. May he rest in peace.


Sudarshan Kumar

Wednesday, 05-08-15 03:57

It is a sad news that the combustion community has lost one of its leader, mentor and teacher. I have had several occasions to have discussions with him on combustion science. Particularly the discussions with him on Mild/flameless combustion were always fruitful which has led to significant developments over the years.
The combustion community will miss you. RIP


Ben Akih

Friday, 31-07-15 00:52

My thoughts and prayers go out to Prof. Peters' family. The untimely hand of death snatched away from our midst, an inspiring teacher, an excellent researcher and a man whose humanity touched those with whom he interacted. I was in Aachen for a master's degree in Energy Engineering and my friend, James Willie, told me about Prof. Peters' research and teaching in the area of combustion. From the first few lectures I knew that I had just stumbled upon a fascinating area of engineering science. He weaved together mathematical equations with a seeming intimate knowledge of how molecules conspire in burning processes to surprise engineers. It was art, grounded in science. He will be greatly missed.


Reginald Hill

Monday, 27-07-15 04:55

I offer my sincere condolences to Norbert's family.I never met Norbert, but I admire him greatly. This is a tragedy. Since 2014 we corresponded very many times Recently I commented in detail on his 2 recently submitted papers; we exchanged many ideas and planned to collaborate on future work. He had "unbelievable energy and positive attitude" and generosity and willingness to consider the ideas of others.


Ali Attia

Saturday, 25-07-15 10:45

I want to express my deep condolences to the whole of the combustion community over the world for our loss of Prof. Nobert Peters as one of the most famous scientist in the combustion field. Even, I did not receive the honor to meet him personally, it was great honor to receive his acceptance to supervise my PhD study that would be funded by DAAD. In fact I have shocked to read this sad news at the site of the combustion institute. My sincere condolences to his family and all of his colleagues and students.


Silvia Schmitz

Thursday, 23-07-15 23:33

Dans ma cervelle se promène,
Ainsi qu'en son appartement,
Un beau chat, fort, doux et charmant.

Most of Norbert's friends and colleagues will not know that he not only was a "giant" in the field of combustion – he also loved poetry and published an article about "Les chats" by Baudelaire in 1969.
Norbert was an all-embracing genius and the best friend I've ever had.
May he rest in peace and may Cordula and all his children support each other.


Sohail Iqbal

Thursday, 23-07-15 14:22

I want to express my deepest condolences to the family, relatives and colleagues of Dr. Norbert Peters for their loss and these trying times. Having been closely following his work I feel it is a huge loss to the combustion community around the world although I didn't get a chance to meet him personally. May his soul rest in peace.


Carlos Silva

Thursday, 23-07-15 12:18

I want to express my sincere condolences to his family and friends for Norbert's untimely departure from our company. I will forever remember his enthusiasm and energy. It has been a great privilege and honour to have know such a great spirit.


Mohamed Douch

Thursday, 23-07-15 10:11

Une grande perte pour la communauté scientifique au niveau mondial.
Je tiens à exprimer mes plus sincères condoléances à sa famille et ses proches.

Norbert Peters reste et restera à jamais gravé dans nos mémoires


Stephan Breuer

Wednesday, 22-07-15 14:24

Auch mit einiger Zeit Abstand fehlen mir immer noch die Worte, um meiner Erschütterung über den plötzlichen Tod von Norbert Peters Ausdruck zu verleihen.

Ich habe Norbert Peters während meiner Zeit als Doktorand am ITM kennen- und schätzen gelernt. Gerne denke ich an diese gemeinsame Zeit zurück. Norbert Peters war mir stets ein großes Vorbild, das mich auch nach meiner Zeit am Institut geprägt hat. Hierfür bin ich ihm sehr dankbar.

Mein herzliches Mitgefühl gilt seiner Familie und seinen Angehörigen.


Armelle Cessou

Wednesday, 22-07-15 11:44

It is with great sadness that I learned of the death of Pr Peters. Like many people, he was an inspiration in my work by the clarity of his descriptions of combustion mechanisms and outstanding of his models. I have always been impressed by the extent of its skills.

I will always remember his kindness when we met during my PhD, and how his work has inspired and will inspire the interpretation of my experiments.

My sincere condolences to his family
Armelle Cessou


Erhard Friedberg

Monday, 20-07-15 20:46

Mit tiefer Trauer habe ich die Nachricht von Norbert Peters' Tod erfahren. Wir kannten uns gut aus seiner Berliner Zeit, und auch noch manchmal in Aachen oder Paris. Mit ihm stirbt ein Freund, und ein Wissenschaftler dem ich gerne zuhörte wenn er mir Nichtwissenschaftler seine Experimente und das Problem zu erklären versuchte, das ihn beschäftigte : das klang alles sehr spannend und es gelang ihm immer mich mit seinen Geschichten zu interessieren. Ich habe heute, am Tage seiner Beerdigung, viel an ihn gedacht und möchte seiner Familie, mit dieser Botschaft, mein tiefstes Beleid ausdrücken.
Prof. Dr. Erhard Friedberg


Marek Mazur

Monday, 20-07-15 17:34

Ich konnte Herrn Prof. Peters waehrend meiner Zeit als Hiwi und Diplomant am ITV kennen lernen und mit ihm zusammenarbeiten. Diese Zusammenarbeit und die Gespraeche mit Herrn Peters waren immer eine grosse Bereicherung fuer mich und ich werde dafuer stets sehr dankbar sein.
Mein herzlichstes Beileid gilt seiner Familie und seinen Freunden


Benoit Fiorina

Monday, 20-07-15 17:15

The French Section of the Combustion Institute would like to express his sincere condolences to the family. Being very close to the combustion french community, Norbert has inspired many scientists of our country.


Werner Willems

Monday, 20-07-15 11:51

Die überraschende Nachricht von Norbert's Tod hat mich zutiefst getroffen. Ich wünsche seiner Familie aufrichtiges Beileid und viel Stärke und Zuversicht in dieser schwierigen Zeit. Ich werde ihn nie vergessen....


Dimos Trimis

Sunday, 19-07-15 20:49

Die traurige Nachricht vom plötzlichen Tod von Norbert Peters hat mich sehr getroffen. Ich hatte das Glück ihn bereits als Doktorand bei seinen Besuchen in Erlangen kennenzulernen und war fasziniert von seinen unglaublich schnellen und treffenden Analysen, die neue Denkanstöße gaben. Seine Faszination und Ideenreichtum zu neuen Forschungsarbeiten war bis zuletzt ungebrochen. Umso schwerer ist der plötzliche Verlust zu erfassen.
Er war und ist ein großes Vorbild für die Verbrennungsforscher sowohl in wissenschaftlicher als auch in persönlicher Hinsicht.
Mein herzlichstes Beileid gilt seiner Familie.


Peter Terhoeven

Saturday, 18-07-15 23:01

With great sadness I have heard about Norbert's unexpected passing away.
He has inspired many to go above and beyond, including myself. I am very thankful for that. His ideas will continue in us.
My thoughts are with his family.


Luminita Danaila

Saturday, 18-07-15 22:35

I have had a really hard time in trying to understand what happened, and I still cannot
admit that Norbert will never answer the last email I had sent him the 4th of July.
We have had so many plans for common research on turbulent mixing, and Norbert came with an incredible energy and enthousiasm... He was not only an excellent scientist, but also an outstanding person who knew to listen people.
All my condolences to the family


Matthias Ihme

Saturday, 18-07-15 22:06

Mit tiefer Trauer habe ich ueber den Tod Professor Peters' gehoert. Er hat im Wesentlichen meine Laufbahn beeinflusst. Nachdem ich mein Studium in Deutschland abgeschlossen hatte, war er es der mir die Moeglichkeit gegeben hat als Doktorand in Stanford zu studieren. Obwohl ich leider nicht die Gelegenheit hatte mit ihm zu arbeiten, hat sein Denken und seine Forschungen meine Arbeit sehr gesteuert. Dafuer bin ich ihm sehr dankbar.

Mein herzliches Beileid an seine Familie, die Kinder, und die Verblieben.


Amable Liñán

Friday, 17-07-15 15:10

Since I heard the shocking news of Norbert Peters death by a phone call from Forman Williams, who was barely able to speak, I did not have the peace of mind to contribute to this homage from his friends in the combustion science community. All of us have very good reasons, because of Norbert outstanding qualities, to feel deeply the loss of his warm friendship and scientific contributions to combustion science and its engineering applications.

My first encounter with Norbert was during the 1978 Combustion Meeting at Leeds, and it turned out to become a most important event in my life. I was very much impressed by his enthusiastic interest in gaining a deep scientific understanding of the combustion phenomena, using all the techniques available. At Leeds, together with John Clarke, we decided to use the opportunity of the first visit to Madrid of Grisha Sivashinsky, who had initiated his research work with the Zeldovich combustion group, to organize an informal one-week encounter in Madrid, including Paul Clavin and Guy Joulin, who were already using Sivashinsky’s ideas in their studies of the effects of heat losses in flame instabilities. We had blackboard informal discussions of the effect of strain on flame structures, and about the main difficulties of the description of the kinetics of the combustion reactions, and the role of the disparity of reaction time scales and the strong sensitivity with temperature.

It was due to Norbert Peters energetic drive that this encounter of Madrid was followed next year by the first I WOMIC Meeting organized by him at Aachen. This meeting, now truly international with all the groups involved in combustion science, set up a high level standard of unrestricted exchange of information between us, leading soon to very fruitful collaborations. Norbert Peters and Forman Williams, who with their contagious enthusiasm for science became role models for these collaborations, which led to the admirable atmosphere of warm friendship between all of us involved in combustion science.

Norbert Peters left us the invaluable inheritance of his deeply appreciated friendship, which enriched our life, and his outstanding scientist contributions, which shall never be forgotten. My most heartly felt condolences for Cordula and Norbert’s family.


Viktor Scherer

Friday, 17-07-15 13:52

The combustion community has lost one of its pioneers. Norbert Peters was not only a brilliant scientist but also an excellent teacher. I had the honour to act as a reviewer in the SFB 686 on active combustion control which has been initiated by Norbert. A further example of his groundbreaking ideas.


Ann Karagozian

Thursday, 16-07-15 19:19

I am shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden passing of our dear friend and colleague, Norbert Peters. I met Norbert at the 1986 Combustion Symposium in Munich, and since then he was always so encouraging, enthusiastic in discussing areas of mutual research interest, and so much more. Our combustion community has lost a real giant. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.


Amir De Toni

Thursday, 16-07-15 15:24

I've never met Prof. Peters but I sure remember reading many and many of his works that were really awe-inspiring for a young researcher like myself. All my sincere condolences to those who had the pleasure to know him better. The flame lingers on.


Ahmad Shamshad

Thursday, 16-07-15 14:03

I am deeply saddened to hear about sudden death of Sir Norbert Peter. He was great teacher and sciencetist. Recently We had attended his lectures in combustion summer school Procida Italy. It was wonderful time to see his abilities and contribution in combustion science. It is great loss of combustion community. I offer my sincere condolences for his family.


Dieter Hänel

Thursday, 16-07-15 11:10

Der Tod von Norbert Peters kam überraschend und hat mich sehr erschüttert.
Wir sind gleichaltrig, eigentlich müssten wir doch mehrere Jahre dran bleiben können.
Wir kennen uns mindestens seit 35 Jahren, wir waren in einigen Konferenzen , Forschungsprojekten und in Gutachten gemeinsam zugange.
Sein viel zu frühes Ableben trifft mich tief. Mein Mitgefühl gilt auch seiner Familie.


Ravi Fernandes

Wednesday, 15-07-15 21:05

I am greatly shocked and deeply saddened to know about the sudden loss of Norbert. I had a lot of scientific interactions with him during my time at Aachen, especially within the TMFB Excellence Cluster. He will be greatly missed within the combustion community. Our prayers and thoughts our with his family at this very difficult moment.


Paul Clavin

Wednesday, 15-07-15 15:51

L'annonce de la disparition brutale de Norbert a été un choc dévastateur qui n'est pas prêt de s'atténuer. Nos liens d'amitié sont restés très étroits depuis notre première rencontre vers les années 1978. Nous avons emprunté à peu près au même moment, et au même age, le long chemin de la compréhension des phénomènes de combustion. La contribution de Norbert au sujet est sans égale !

Mes pensés vont à Cordula et aux enfants. Ils peuvent compter sur moi si besoin était.

Ce mot est écrit en français pour ne pas trahir ma pensée et aussi parce que nos discussions avec Norbert étaient toujours dans cette langue qu'il maîtrisait parfaitement .


Donghyuk Shin

Wednesday, 15-07-15 13:05

This is a very sad news. I would like to delivery my heartiest condolences to his family and his friends. He was a great scientist and a great educator. It is a great loss to combustion community. His contribution to the combustion science will last forever.


Amin Maghbouli

Wednesday, 15-07-15 09:10

To his esteemed family and friends,

My heartiest condolences. Hearing about this great loss has deeply saddened me. Just a month ago we had the course of Turbulent Combustion in Procida, Italy conducted by Prof. Peters. Still I cannot believe it!
World of science will be appreciate your lifetime efforts and giving and your family, friends, and students will never forget your wonderful soul. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you and your family.


Andreas Brockhinke

Wednesday, 15-07-15 08:50

Die überraschende Nachricht von Tod von Norbert Peters hat mich tief getroffen. Während meiner Zeit als Doktorand waren er und seine Arbeitsgruppe *das* Zentrum für Flammenmodellierung, das ich nur bewundernd aus der Ferne (und bei Konferenzen) wahrnahm. In den letzten Jahren hat sich das geändert: Durch die intensive Zusammenarbeit mit Norbert Peters im Rahmen des SFB 686 konnte ich ihn besser kennen- und schätzen lernen. Mit ihm verliert die "Combustion Community" einen der ganz Großen. Mein aufrichtiges Beileid gilt allen direkt Betoffenen: Seiner Familie, Freunden und der Arbeitsgruppe.


Mohammad Shahsavari

Tuesday, 14-07-15 22:33

I was deeply saddened by the news of Norbert Peters passing. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family and combustion community.


Marie-Victoire NANTET

Monday, 13-07-15 20:49

Cher Norbert,

Nous avons passé deux heures ensemble à Paris, le 25 juin, à 9 jours de ta mort. Tu m'as parlé de tes dernières recherches, de leur nouveauté, avec modestie mais aussi fierté. Tu avais tant d'autres projets. Une amitié de quarante ans s'achève. J'en ai les larmes aux yeux.



Sue Terpack

Monday, 13-07-15 17:46

My deepest condolences to Norbert's family. This is shocking and sad news. I meet Norbert in 1990 at my first Combustion Institute Symposium. From that time forward, although I didn't know much about combustion science, we also found things to talk about - the Institute, family, life. I considered him my friend. His contributions to The Combustion Institute as a board member, and chair of the German Section were innumerable. Good memories will help his family, friends and me to fill the void left by his passing.


Olawole Kuti

Monday, 13-07-15 15:29

I got to know about your work in the field of combustion during my PhD studies. Your work on theoretical analyses on lift-off height was very instrumental to my doctoral thesis. It is true that you've passed however your works in the field of combustion will continue to speak unto many generations.
Thank you for giving immensely to the field of Combustion.
I pray that God will grant the family to bear this great loss.
May God peace be with your family at this time!
We love you but God loves you more


Grisha Sivashinsky

Monday, 13-07-15 10:38

I am utterly devastated that Norbert is not with us anymore. We knew each other for 35 years, I learned a lot from him, and I cherish a photograph of us together in Segovia 1979 - it is on the wall above my desk. A tremendous loss for combustion science and for me personally.


Klaus und Gabriele Lucas

Monday, 13-07-15 10:13

Norbert war unser längster Freund aus gemeinsamen Studienzeiten in Berlin, eine Freundschaft die unser ganzes gemeinsames Leben angehalten hat.
Seine fachliche Exzellenz war uns bewusst, aber für uns war er noch mehr.
Wir werden ihn immer vermissen.
Unser Mitgefühl gilt Cordula und der Familie.


Venkat Narayanaswamy

Monday, 13-07-15 01:23

I had the privilege of experiencing his exuberant energy towards research which was always accompanied by a cherubic smile; have never since such a motivated researcher and an engaging scholar. I and the combustion community will always miss his leadership roles and motivational qualities and perhaps many breakthroughs in turbulence that he has been working towards.


David Kassoy

Monday, 13-07-15 01:03

I was saddened to learn this AM that Norbert had passed away. He was a paradigm for many of us in the community. He set a fine example for his younger colleagues and students as well, who will be moved to emulate him as a scientist and a person. His many contributions to the combustion science community will remain important and influential for the foreseeable future. I feel fortunate to have known him and his body of work which will be a living memorial to him. Those who come afterwards will be well educated by his insights, knowledge and understanding.

I hope that his family will take solace from the outpouring of sympathy from the community of scholars. Sympathy cannot replace his loss, but it is a recognition of the profound respect that Norbert enjoyed.

Recalling my mother's unanticipated death from a heart attack I can appreciate a quick, painless departure, without lingering illness.


Ken Bray

Sunday, 12-07-15 22:16

I was shocked to hear the very sad news of Norbert's passing away and send my sincere condolences to his family. He was a fine scientist and will be greatly missed by colleagues and friends in many countries.


Roman Weber

Sunday, 12-07-15 21:19

The World suddenly lost Norbert Peters who was clever, intelligent and handsome. Norbert exerted his magic spell while formulating his mathematically-based understanding of combustion. I had the pleasure of interacting with Norbert, on several occasions, asking him for detailed explanations of numerous concepts in turbulent combustion. He was always willing to talk, not only about flamelets. I’m deeply sorry that the giant of combustion science is gone. The combustion community will miss you. My sincere condolences to the family.


Dirk Roekaerts

Sunday, 12-07-15 15:50

When I heard the news I felt very sad. One of the most important personalities of combustion science will no longer show up to teach, to inspire, to give wise advice, to surprise with new ideas…

I had the chance to meet him in different roles. He gave good advice when as a person from industry I needed it. He gave inspiring lectures when PhD students were eager to learn. He was a wise chairman of the review committees of our Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Delft last year. Thanks Norbert for everything.


Subith Vasu

Sunday, 12-07-15 03:25

Prof. Peters was a role model and his contribution to the combustion science field is unparalleled. We will miss him deeply.


Krithika Narayanaswamy

Saturday, 11-07-15 16:38

Great loss to the combustion community! We will miss his expert guidance. Our heart felt condolences to his family.


Zhenxun Gao

Saturday, 11-07-15 10:36

My deepest condolences to Prof. Peters' family.
I was fortunate to get an opportunity to do research in ITV as a visiting for one-year, and it was my honor to meet Prof. Peter on my first day in ITV. Actually, I read a lot of papers by Prof. Peters, and I thought maybe I have a chance to talk to Prof. Peters about turbulent combustion model during my one-year stay. I am so sad that we missed such a great scientist.

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