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Norbert Peters

(10. Juli 1942 - 4. Juli 2015).

Mit seiner unglaublichen Energie, seinem Tatendrang und seiner positiven Einstellung stand Norbert noch immer in der Mitte seines Lebens. Er hatte noch so viele Pläne, dass sein Tod unfassbar erscheint. Unser Beileid gilt seiner Familie.


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Vivak Luckhchoura

Tuesday, 07-07-15 14:33

I would like to express my deepest condolences to Norbert’s family. I still cannot believe that he is no longer with us. He was a down-to-earth person who had a great passion for his work, a true explorer in the field of turbulent combustion and caring gentleman. You granted me immense liberty in finding my own path and I thank you for being my “Doktorvater”. Your teachings will always be with me.


Ed Law

Tuesday, 07-07-15 14:12

This happened so sudden and unexpected. I am at a total loss for words. The community has lost a giant in talent and inspiration, and a friend who is loyal and caring. His memory will always be with us, and his work will always guide us to great discoveries. But the world in which we live just seems to be a little emptier right now, a void that cannot be easily filled.


Stefan Pischinger

Tuesday, 07-07-15 13:45

I am still under shock and it all seems just so unreal und unfair. Norbert Peters was an exceptional scientist and a wonderful person – he was so passionate in what he did and I owe him a lot. What I want to mention here is that he was a main initiator of the cluster of excellence Tailor Made fuels from Biomass which was so successful. I send all my thoughts to his family – his wife and children. I wish for them to have the strength for what is to come now. We will always keep Norbert in our memory.


Philip de Goey

Tuesday, 07-07-15 13:10

It was really sad to hear that Norbert died so suddenly. I worked with Norbert for many years, we published together and i spent
my sabbatical year (1999-2000) in his group. Norbert was not only one of my most important examples, he was my mentor and friend. I admired his excellent scientific ideas and open attitude to others and other ideas. we have lost a very good friend.


Abhishek Khetan

Tuesday, 07-07-15 12:50

As little contact as I had with Prof. Peters, I have always been in awe of his passion for science and his unwavering humilty, despite being revered as giant in his field. I had the fortune of being taught turbulent combustion by him. Its saddens me that such a luminary amongst us has passed away. At the same time, I believe he still lives amongst us through his work, which continues to propel and inspire generations of scientists and students. My deepest condolences to his family.


Tobias Plessing

Tuesday, 07-07-15 12:07

Norbert was a great motivator to young students and scientists. He inspired the work of so many people and his ideas, theories and his work will continue to act on. I am so thankful that he gave me the possibility to collaborate with him. He was the brightest person I met in my life. My thoughts are with him and his family. We will not forget you.


Christian Felsch

Tuesday, 07-07-15 11:57

I still cannot believe that Norbert passed away. I was deeply impressed by his energy and curiosity that led him refocus his research interest towards turbulence theory in recent years. To me, there were years ahead for him to continuously influence the world of science.

I am thankful for the many opportunities that he opened up for me. He was great teacher and human at the same time. I will take his remarkable respect and appreciation towards others as a lasting affect for my own future.

My most sincere condolences go to this wife and the two boys.


Francesca di Mare

Tuesday, 07-07-15 11:54

I can hardly believe that Norbert has been taken from us. I was just skimming through his monography on Turbulent Combustion as this terrible news reached me and I had to think again of the time I was a PhD student in London in 1997 and I had the honour of meeting him for the first time. He was a marvellous scientest and teacher, who impressed for the rare combination of vivid, bright intelligence, creativity and an extraorninary friendliness and modesty. We shall all sadly miss him and my throughts and prayers are with his family at this most difficult time.


David Norta

Tuesday, 07-07-15 11:43

Seitdem ich von Norbert Peters Tod erfahren kreisen meine Gedanken um Ihn und die vielen Erlebnisse, die ich während meiner Zeit am ITV mit ihm hatte. Ich hatte die Chance vier Jahre in seinem Turbulenzteam am ITV der RWTH Aachen mitzuarbeiten. Ich habe Ihn als hochintelligenten und sehr herzlichen Menschen erlebt. Er hat mich geprägt und durch längere Gespräche darauf hingewiesen, dass meine innere Stimme mich leiten wird und ich auf sie hören und ihr folgen sollte. Danke für diesen Hinweis, ich tue dies bis heute. Ich bewundere seine Erfolge und bin dankbar, dass er mit vollem Elan, junge Nachwuchswissenschaftler mit hoher Wertschätzung behandelt hat und unterstützte. Ich erinnere mich gerne an seine Begeisterung für Teile meiner Arbeit und seine uneingeschränkte Unterstützung. Es war eine sehr gute Erfahrung zum Ende meines Studiums einen solchen Chef gehabt zu haben, der mich stark geprägt hat. Es ist schwer vorstellbar Professor Peters nicht mehr an seiner Stelle im ITV der RWTH Aachen vorzufinden. Ich wünsche der Familie und den engen Vertrauten alles Gute und die Stärke, welche die kommende Zeit von ihnen verlangt.


Marcus Aldén

Tuesday, 07-07-15 11:42

It was so very sad to hear of Norbert passing away, I am deeply in shock. We met at the workshop in KAUST in March this year and he was so full of enthusiasm and we had, as always, very nice discussions about science and life. For some reason some colleagues come closer to you than others and Norbert has been one of my best and oldest colleagues and my thoughts go to his family. Our community has lost one of its best representatives and I will miss him a lot.


Bernd Rogg

Tuesday, 07-07-15 11:39

Dear Norbert, I will miss you. Thank you for everything.


Mohy Mansour

Tuesday, 07-07-15 10:44

My dear Norbert Peters,
I will never forget you as a great person and as a great scientist. This is unexpected loss of one of the most eminent scientists known in the field of turbulent combustion. You taught me along 25 years of hard work collaboration many aspects in combustion. I enjoyed very much our joint research during those years. Thank you my friend and teacher.
Norbert, your image will remain in my heart and mind. I will never forget you as a friend. You rare intelligent personality will stay forever as a model for younger generations. I believe that you are the teacher of science and ethics. I know your spirit will support your students and colleagues all over the world.
I know that your family lost you as a beloved husband and father, but I believe that you are in a better place in Paradise and this should relief their pain. My deepest condolences go to Norbert’s family and the combustion community.


Peter Lindstedt

Tuesday, 07-07-15 10:20

My most sincere condolences to Cordula and the children. It seems not credible that we have lost Norbert so suddenly. I can only express my gratitude for the time we could share and my deepest regret at the void left behind. Thank you.


Joel Quinard

Tuesday, 07-07-15 10:20

With my sincere condolences for Norbert's family


Charles Meneveau

Tuesday, 07-07-15 10:17

Norbert was always full of energy, youthful enthusiasm and exemplary dedication. A giant in the field of turbulent combustion, he has had tremendous impact on colleagues, students and friends across the world. It is a privilege to have known such a wonderful human being, who has now left us so unexpectedly and prematurely. I wish to express my most heartfelt condolences to his family.


Michael Pfitzner

Tuesday, 07-07-15 10:17

Mit tiefer Bestürzung habe ich von dem plötzlichen Ableben von Norbert Peters erfahren müssen, das uns alle vollkommen unvorbereitet getroffen hat. Für mich war Norbert Peters immer DAS Vorbild, er war ein Leuchtturm der Verbrennungsforschung in Deutschland, weltweit anerkannt, wissenschaftlich herausragend, der viele wichtige Ergebnisse erarbeitet hat, welche diesen Teil der Forschung noch heute prägen. Dabei verstand er es aber auch immer, seine Grundlagenforschung in die Anwendungen wie die automotorische und Gasturbinen-Verbrennung einzubringen.

Sein viel zu frühes Ableben trifft uns alle tief, ich selbst hätte ich gerne noch oft auf Konferenzen getroffen.


Dominik Denker

Tuesday, 07-07-15 09:50

Norberts Tod kam für mich absolut überraschend.
Seine Begeisterung, Tatendrang und Brillanz als Wissenschaftler war inspirierend. Vor allem habe ich Norbert jedoch als großartigen Menschen kennengelernt, der immer ein freundliches Wort der Motivation oder Unterstützung für mich hatte. Ich bin unsagbar dankbar für die kurze Zeit, die ich mit ihm arbeiten durfte.


Kal Seshadri

Tuesday, 07-07-15 09:50

Anu and myself are extremely sad that Norbert is no longer with us. He was my teacher and my best friend for most of my professional life. I fondly rememember many hours I spent with him discussing combustion science in his home, pubs and while hiking in forests of Aachen. Our thoughts are with Cordula and his children and we hope that they find peace.


Katharina Kohse-Hoeinghaus

Tuesday, 07-07-15 09:46

To Norbert's family and friends go my deepest condolescences.
How could one believe this news?
The combustion community world-wide has been suddenly bereaved of one of its giants. Norbert's brilliant ideas and contributions are of lasting value, and many have built on his excellent work and analyses.
So many of us have learnt from him!
I have enjoyed a decade of collaboration, and his office in Aachen, looking towards one of the oldest cathedrals, was a welcome place for discussion. My group and I have very fresh memories from his last visit in Bielefeld in late May, reaching out to my students and discussing their and our joint projects.
For Germany, Norbert has been an instrumental person in shaping combustion science. He has brought his international connections into a great but also traditional engineering environment. The numerous doctoral students and visitors over time who have enjoyed collaboration with him - many of whom are now notable scientists and egnineers themselves - are testimony to his lasting influence on our field.
While building blocks of science may stay as solid as in Aachen's cathedral over time, a human is not staying on this earth - and we will miss the man!
Norbert's energy, spirit, humor, gentleness and charm have distinguished him as much as his intellectual capacity, his curiosity and stamina to solve challenging problems in science and his availability to all who wished to learn.
Science was not his only passion, and he was open to many subjects. I recall as one of my earliest memories a stroll with him through Paris, where he showed me - then a fresh postdoc at DLR - some non-tourist sites of this city that I would not have found myself, telling me about their history. None of our conversations in recent years that had a bit more personal note, however, went without mention of his family, and the true value that Norbert found with them. As much as he was proud of his children, as much will they be of this father.
Thank you, Norbert.


Martin Wirth

Tuesday, 07-07-15 09:37

Opening the email yesterday morning about Norberts passing left me stunned about the completely unexpected loss of such a great personality.
I will remember his generous open minded character from my first encounter approaching him as a student in search for a diploma thesis - in strong contrast to his colleagues he immediately spent almost 3 hours with me explaining his plans and showing labs - until my last opportunity during the 70th birthday conference when he was wholeheartedly able to laugh about some jokes we made about some of his habits.
Norbert - you gave me a lot of direction - thank you !


Elmar Riesmeier

Tuesday, 07-07-15 09:15

Really shocked by the very sad news I don't have the words to express how sorry I feel for Norberts family and close friends. He was very supportive and encouraging during my time at ITM, without him I wouldn't have had the opportunity to learn so much from a science role model who always was willing to discuss and support. I will miss him.


Gautam Kalghatgi

Tuesday, 07-07-15 09:09

It is difficult to accept that Combustion Science will have to continue without one of its giants! Personally, I will miss his great enthusiasm, friendliness, courtesy, generosity of spirit and of course, the great knowledge and insight he brought to any conversation. I will cherish the stimulating and energizing interactions I had with him – both face to face and electronically. My sincere condolences to his family.


Santosh Hemchandra

Tuesday, 07-07-15 09:04

Deeply distressed by his passing. Discussions with him had a profound influence on shaping my thinking of combustion phenomena.



Tuesday, 07-07-15 07:41

For me, since I did my phd (in 1994) Norbert is like a god for scientist point of view.
But since I become more and more aged, I had the chance to meet him and to discuss with him
And I know how he was a good man on the sense of humanity.
He was at the ANR in Paris during 2 days in the middle of June, because I sollicitated him to accept to be one of the experts.
I appreciated a lot the lunch with him and all discussion about research, life, Europe and how he was so optimist and patient.
And I am very chocked about his missing.
And I only want to say how he will remind on my brain for a long time.


Mathis Bode

Tuesday, 07-07-15 06:50

Ich bin sprachlos und kann es nicht fassen. Norbert war mit seiner Begeisterung, Hilfsbereitschaft und positiven Ausstrahlung einzigartig. Ich habe es immer sehr genossen, seinen Geschichten über die Anfänge der Verbrennungsforschung zu lauschen. Ruhe in Frieden!


Moshe Matalon

Tuesday, 07-07-15 05:32

I was shocked and couldn't believe that Norbert is no longer with us. He will always be remembered as a great Scientist, but above all he was a wonderful colleague and a real friend. I am lucky to have had multiple opportunities to spend time with Norbert at Aachen, talking about science, enjoying good food and drinks, and touring the country site. In my last visit, only a year ago, he was as always full of energy and enthusiasm, and we spent two wonderful days together that ended with a lovely dinner with Cordula, Jacob and Julius. These memories will last with me forever. Norbert will be missed tremendously.


Toshiyuki Arima

Tuesday, 07-07-15 03:56

I am deeply shocked to hear of the sudden Norbert’s passing and I would like to offer my deepest sympathy. May his soul rest in peace.


Bassam Dally

Tuesday, 07-07-15 02:59

I am saddened to learn about the passing away of Norbert. Norbert was a brilliant scientist, a gentle and gracious man, and a wonderful human being. I will always remember our interactions, his kindness and insights. Rest in peace my friend; your contributions will be with us for many decades to come. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.


Cesar and Margarita Treviño

Tuesday, 07-07-15 00:50

With great sadness we learned of the passing of Norbert. I thank him for all the time I spent working with him and for the wonderful friendship he had for us all the time. We send to Cordula and the children our feelings and that they continue being in our thoughts.


Jackie Chen

Tuesday, 07-07-15 00:06

I am deeply saddened to hear of Norbert's passing. Norbert was a gracious gentleman and a real maverick in terms of finding new ways to examine fundamental aspects of turbulence, mixing and combustion and to force the rest of us to think out of the box. My heart goes out to his family and colleagues during this difficult time.



Monday, 06-07-15 23:42

More tears and heartache by looking at Norbert's photograph -- such a gentle, intelligent eyes! Forman and I are devastated by this loss. We feel pain and comfort talking and remembering the many great moments spent in Norbert's company. Yesterday, I used a bautiful bag he gave me last time he visited us. I still have it by my bed. I miss you, Norbert. I hope Cordulla and his children will find peace in their hearts in the near future. Our thoughts and love are with all of you.


Tom Bowman

Monday, 06-07-15 23:29

I was stunned to learn this morning of Norbert's passing. He was so full of energy; it seems unreal that he will no longer be with us. Norbert, I am so glad to have been your colleague and your friend. I am so thankful that I really got to know you and Cordula for the short time you were on the Stanford faculty. Susan and I will include Cordula and your children in our prayers.


Forman Williams

Monday, 06-07-15 23:19

I fear that my tears will last as long as those of Cordula and the children.


Mitchell Smooke

Monday, 06-07-15 20:14

It was with the utmost of sadness that I learned of Norbert's passing. Besides being a wonderful and generous colleague, he was a friend. From the first time we met at Sandia to the last time I saw him at a Symposium, he was always a gracious and remarkably positive individual. Deanna and I wish his family the best during this difficult time -- Norbert will be in our prayers.



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