Passive scalar interface in a spatially evolving mixing layer (A. Attili and D. Denker)

Quartz nozzle sampling (D. Felsmann)

Dissipation element analysis of a planar diffusion flame (D. Denker)

Turbulent/non-turbulent interface in a temporally evolving jet (D. Denker)

Dissipation elements crossing a flame front (D. Denker and B. Hentschel)

Particle laden flow (E. Varea)

Turbulent flame surface in non-premixed methane jet flame (D. Denker)

DNS of primary break up (M. Bode)

Diffusion flame in a slot Bunsen burner (S. Kruse)

Various quantities in spatially evolving jet diffusion flame (D. Denker)

Job Offers

Open PhD Positions

Modelling Aluminum Particle Combustion for the Production of Green Hydrogen (TV-L 13 Full time)

  • Development of detailed models for the combustion of aluminum particles
  • Development of reduced-order models
  • Development of a simulation framework for the entire reactor
  • Process simulation and analysis
  • Project management with project partners


Computational Simulations of Turbulent Reacting Flows (TV-L 13 Vollzeit)

  • Development of in-house codes (CIAO, FlameMaster) for high-fidelity predictive simulations;
  • DNS of turbulent fields and consequent theoretical investigation for the development of closure models of turbulence;
  • DNS of combustion instabilities and theoretical characterization;
  • DNS and LES of multiphase flows for the investigation, characterization and modeling of the mechanisms driving the breakup and evaporation phenomena;
  • Soot modeling;
  • Machine learning: development of physics guided neural networks;
  • Machine learning: use of artificial neural network as model into predictive simulations;
  • Simulation of combustion systems (e.g. internal combustion engines, nano-particle synthesis burner, heating devices)



Master, Bachelor and Mini Theses

Simulation and Modeling


Student Workers


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